Baby Girl in the Making...!!! by Dennis Soans

Shooting Chaitra and Chinmay for this maternity shoot was a blast. They were super prepared and had several great ideas on how they wanted to be portrayed. We did the shoot nearing sunset at Burke Lake Park, VA. The evening was cloudy so did not get to see any golden skies but the cool weather really helped keep the energy up. Chaitra's lovely pink dress added some real pop to the photos and the props they brought along really came together to tell their story of how excited they were for their baby girl and could not wait for the big day when she joined their family.

Glamour Shots by Dennis Soans

Had the pleasure of shooting two great models - Cameryn and Kamylia..!! They were first time models but I would never have guessed. They were complete professionals and made the shoot a breeze. They were completely at ease in front of the lens unlike most of us and the result is what you see below - just great pictures.

Jen and Vivian by Dennis Soans

I recently had the wonderful experience of shooting Jen and her 7 month old daughter Vivian at my home studio. They were both the ultimate models and made the shoot go so smooth that my strobes (flash) and memory card buffer could barely keep up.

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